I Am Creative Transports Stories


Let your creativity bleed into the pages of this book by using the open prompts started for you alongside the image provided.

In this book you can find:

  • 15 prompts per book.
  • 1 image and 1 open sentence prompt per sheet.
  • One theme per book. Different scenarios.
  • A5 (6×9 in) size. Easy to carry with you.
  • Suitable to children 12+

Writing prompts are great for storytelling practice exercise in all kinds of genres; Fantasy, Drama, Sci-Fi Fiction, Romance, Comedy, Mythical, and Poetry.

Creating writing is a perfect addition to homeschooling and unschooling activities. And a thoughtful gift to any aspiring writer.

I Am Creative is a collection of 12 titles:

  1. I Am Creative Magical Stories
  2. I Am Creative Professions Stories
  3. I Am Creative Sports Stories
  4. I Am Creative Musical Instruments Stories
  5. I Am Creative Performing Arts Stories
  6. I Am Creative Animal Stories
  7. I Am Creative Travelling Around America Stories
  8. I Am Creative Travelling Around Europe Stories
  9. I Am Creative Travelling Around Africa & Asia Stories
  10. I Am Creative Other Worlds Stories
  11. I Am Creative Transports Stories
  12. I Am Creative Super Powers Stories