I Am Creative Travelling Around Africa & Asia Stories


Let your creativity bleed into the pages of this book by using the open prompts started for you alongside the image provided.

In this book you can find:

  • 15 prompts per book.
  • 1 image and 1 open sentence prompt per sheet.
  • One theme per book. Different scenarios.
  • A5 (6×9 in) size. Easy to carry with you.
  • Suitable to children 12+

Writing prompts are great for storytelling practice exercise in all kinds of genres; Fantasy, Drama, Sci-Fi Fiction, Romance, Comedy, Mythical, and Poetry.

Creating writing is a perfect addition to homeschooling and unschooling activities. And a thoughtful gift to any aspiring writer.

I Am Creative is a collection of 12 titles:

  1. I Am Creative Magical Stories
  2. I Am Creative Professions Stories
  3. I Am Creative Sports Stories
  4. I Am Creative Musical Instruments Stories
  5. I Am Creative Performing Arts Stories
  6. I Am Creative Animal Stories
  7. I Am Creative Travelling Around America Stories
  8. I Am Creative Travelling Around Europe Stories
  9. I Am Creative Travelling Around Africa & Asia Stories
  10. I Am Creative Other Worlds Stories
  11. I Am Creative Transports Stories
  12. I Am Creative Super Powers Stories