Getting My Life On Track Green Cover


Getting My Life On Track is an A5 (6×9 inches) calendar planner with tracking layouts done for you to use in a simple and effective way. No need to design your tracking layouts month after month.

This diary is the place to track the essential things in your life to keep you on track with what is important.

This agenda features:

  • 2021 year at a glance calendar
  • Birthday tracking layout: A place to record the special dates to celebrate your family and friends.
  • Books I’ve read: Keep track of the best books that you have read in the year on these pages.
  • Movies I’ve watched: Place to record your favourite 12 movies that you have watched this year.
  • Goals: Divide your goals by quarters and stay on top of it.
  • Wishing list: Keep track of the things that you want to accomplish in each season.
  • Finance Layouts: keep track of your household income, expenses, debt and savings.
  • Mood tracking: Keep tracking of your mood is important for easy analysis of your mental health. You can also use it to check your vibration as your emotions are an essential part of it.
  • Meditation tracker: Keep track of your meditation habits. If you don’t meditate you can easily cover up the words and use the tracker for something else.
  • Blank tracker sheet: Customise this one to fit your needs.
  • Monthly calendar with weekly layout agenda for the entire year with priority list.