Introduction To The Benefits Of Fermented Foods

Introduction To The Benefits Of Fermented Foods

The evidence that our brain health is connected to our gut is undeniable. The reason for that connection is that we are not made of individual and separated parts of our body.

Our body functions as an Eco-system where everything is connected and dependable upon each other. Here is where fermented foods have a crucial impact on our overall health because when our gut health is good that will be reflected, not only, but also in our mental health.

Our gut houses good and bad bacteria. If we take care of the good one, our friendly bacteria takes care of the bad guys.
The two main purposes of our gut-friendly bacteria are: to make vitamins and protect our immune system.

In order to benefit from the protection of the friendly bacteria, we need to feed it the healthiest food that we can.
Gut flora feeds on fiber; the healthiest fiber we can feed our gut are vegetables.


Lactic Acid is a waste product from a microbe called lactobacillus microbe that lives already in our gut. It helps correct the pH and activate the enzymes of the colon to help the digestion process.
Fermented food is basically preserved raw food that has experienced a process of lacto-fermentation that lasts for months without losing any useful nutrients.
They are consumed all over the world and include from the more common bread and yogurt to the Japanese Amazake (a drink made from fermented rice) to the Icelandic Hakari (made from fermented shark meat).

Fermented foods like sauerkraut, Kimchi, pickles, natto, beets, beet kvass, and many others are a great way to introduce that fiber and feed the friendly bacteria in our gut. Many vitamins are made in our own body by friendly bacteria. They are one of the best sources of essential nutrients like vitamin k2, useful enzymes, b-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and various strains of probiotics.
They also contain other minerals such as calcium, iron, manganese, copper, selenium, etc.

Fermented food

For example, vitamin k2 prevents the calcification of soft tissue like arterial plaque buildup and heart disease. It also gets rid of calcium deposits like kidney stones, moving the calcium to the right places, the bones.

Folate is also made in the body and is very much needed to make neurotransmitters to prevent mental disorders.

Another vitamin made by friendly bacteria is Biotin which is essential for cell growth.

Other vitamins like B12 and B1 are also produced in the gut by the gut flora.

Vitamin B1 is responsible for the production of Gaba which is an anti-stress. The connection between some of these vitamins and brain health is just obvious, hence the reason why both are connected and undeniable.

Fermented food

Probiotics are important in slowing down harmful diseases and improving immunity. Eating enough fermented foods help absorb nutrients faster and they act as substitutes for many vitamins and supplements making them very cost-effective.

Drinks like kefir and rejuvelac can be easily made at home. The probiotics in fermented foods help boost our immune system as most of the system is located in our gut and speeds up the production of mucosal elements in the digestive tract, and antibodies for fighting pathogens while providing a good breeding ground for the good bacteria. They play a significant role in detoxifying our system by removing large amounts of toxins and heavy metals.


If we focus on some mental health benefits, a healthy gut can contribute to a good mood.
Our gut is connected to neurons that affect our emotions and feelings. Fermented foods help the body to produce acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter that aids in the transmission of nerve impulses.

So, if you are in need to get fitter and feel better, it’s fundamental that you adjust the microbiome in your gut. The best approach for adjusting the microbiome is eating fermented foods. It’s best to include a variety of fermented foods and beverages in your diet. The reason behind this is that each food will inoculate your gut with a mix of different microorganisms.

You would be surprised to know that fermented foods play a great role in fighting autismADHD, and learning disabilities by providing infants with enough microflora in the gut at the very first stages of growth.

These foods supply enough beneficial bacteria to combat type 2 diabetes and help restore the balance of microbiomes which are effective if you want to lose weight and also go a long way to keep you in a good mood while regulating the body’s metabolism, sustaining the gastrointestinal tract by improving bowel movements

Fermented foods are a savior for people with high sugar cravings as they significantly reduce. Bad bacteria feed on sugars and if the number of the gut flora is greater than the bad ones the cravings will be naturally reduced.
Fermented foods have numerous health benefits from providing a robust immune system to fighting cancer, diabetes, and many more diseases.

They are definitely cost-effective which means a small inexpensive meal contains a lot of nutrients.
There are countless fermented products in the market in every country giving people plenty of options as many can be intolerant to different products. With the added advantage of being able to be made at home using familiar ingredients, fermented foods will keep you happy and healthy.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
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